Davos 2023: Looming Global Economic Challenges Will Require World-Class Leadership from the C-Suite

If you’re following the coverage of the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting at Davos, it’s hard to escape the feeling that a recession is looming. How deep and how severe it will actually be remains to be seen, of course. Two-thirds of private and public sector chief economists surveyed by WEF expect a global recession this year, with 18% considering it “extremely likely” – more than twice as many as in the previous survey conducted in September 2022. But the simple truth is that we’ll be facing an economic reckoning in 2023, and we’ll need to prepare. 

This is the time when the quality and resolve of C-level leadership really matters. It’s at moments like these when the CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO, CISO and other members of the senior leadership team must be playing their A-game – and playing to win!

That means it’s time to double down on the time-honored fundamentals of successful business strategy: setting achievable goals; innovating to create competitive advantages; attracting and hiring top talent; and superlative execution with flawless consistency. But it also means drawing upon those indispensable leadership lessons learned during the global pandemic – demonstrating resilient, authentic and inclusive leadership in order to navigate the way forward by cultivating a trusting and innovative culture across the organization.

As leaders, we understand what’s at risk. Referencing a new PwC survey released at Davos, Reuters noted that, “With 73% of chief executives around the world expecting global economic growth to decline over the next 12 months, this gloomy view is the most pessimistic CEOs have been since PwC began the survey more than a decade ago.”

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