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Join Us Now Thirty-five years ago, I had a vision for creating a platform that would connect global business technology executives with each other along with search executives, venture capitalists and other industry leaders. That vision has since come to fruition. HMG Strategy helps foster networking, connections and cutting-edge thought leadership to 500,000+ business technology […]

Join Us Now When it comes to cyber security, the healthcare industry is in a precarious position. Investment in cybersecurity has historically lagged other industries such as financial services. And as patients and practitioners increase their use of remote patient monitoring devices, this is placing added pressure on cybersecurity professionals. “There has been a rush […]

Join Us Now Not all CIOs aspire to run a company. But for those that do, there are a number of steps that can be taken to become more attractive CEO candidates. One recommendation is by taking steps to shift the view of IT as a cost center to one that provides innovation and financial […]

Join Us Now Enterprise mobility continues to steam ahead throughout most organizations at a breathtaking clip. According to a CompTIA study, more than 70% of companies have made some level of investment to build out mobility solutions, with mobile devices ranking as the top investment item. Still, as companies continue to identify and deploy a […]

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