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  • Communicating the Benefits of the Cloud to the C-Suite

    Communicating the Benefits of the Cloud to the C-Suite

    Join Us Now One of the great benefits that cloud computing offers to CIOs and to enterprises are opportunities to dramatically simplify IT architectures. By doing so, this can enable business units and the enterprise as a whole to become more agile, to drive higher levels of productivity, and to enable greater collaboration between employees…

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  • Leveraging a Multi-Cloud Strategy to Power the Digital Enterprise Will Fuel the Discussion at the 2022 HMG Live! Multi-Cloud Executive Leadership Summit on March 3

    Join Us Now Speakers and attendees in this highly interactive thematic event will also share recommendations for developing the right mix of skills to support a multi-cloud architecture Westport, CT — February 11, 2022 — HMG Strategy, the World’s #1 digital platform for enabling technology executives to reimagine the enterprise and reshape the business world,…

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  • Empowering Hybrid Work Models with AI, Cloud and Security

    Empowering Hybrid Work Models with AI, Cloud and Security

    Join Us Now Thirty-five years ago, I had a vision for creating a platform that would connect global business technology executives with each other along with search executives, venture capitalists and other industry leaders. That vision has since come to fruition. HMG Strategy helps foster networking, connections and cutting-edge thought leadership to 500,000+ business technology…

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  • The Amazon Way on IoT

    Join Us Now The Internet of Things (IoT) may be the most disruptive set of technologies in a generation, and the most disruptive tech company in the world – Amazon – is building the IoT strategies that will influence every organization and sector. We can all learn from these strategies. In this detailed analysis of IoT and…

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  • On Top of the Cloud

    Join Us Now On Top of the Cloud  is Hunter Muller’s second book. It is a strategic read for CIOs and IT leaders looking for ways to leverage cloud computing as a transformational technology and provides an actionable framework for developing and executing a profitable cloud strategy. The book focuses on nine specific critical areas…

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