The HMG Innovation Accelerator: Driving Business Innovation When It’s Needed Most

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Research conducted by HMG Strategy reveals that one of the top focus areas for technology executive leaders is working with the CEO and the executive team to enable innovation and grow the business. This is especially needed during a period of economic uncertainty. CIOs and business technology leaders not only must identify opportunities to drive cost containment. They’re also expected to help identify and harness hot technologies that can generate new revenue streams and fresh go-to-market strategies.

This is part of the reason why we’ve created the HMG Innovation Accelerator. The HMG Innovation Accelerator, developed in partnership with Saqib E. Awan, Founder & Managing Director at GTM Capital, is a forum which provides CIOs, CISOs and business technology leaders an opportunity to meet with the CEOs and founders of top technology startups and get an early view into hot technologies that can move the needle for the business and to tackle cybersecurity threats.

At our 2023 Silicon Valley Global Innovation Summit today at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara, the CEOs and founders of top technology startups will share the challenges they solve for clients, the innovation they deliver to companies, and how their solutions are differentiated in the market. They will also provide insights into the current state of the startup landscape, and how CIOs, CISOs and business technology executives can leverage startups to accelerate their businesses’ success.

Founders and CEOs of emerging technology start-ups presenting at our Innovation Accelerator today will include:

  • Pranava Adduri, CEO & Co-Founder, Bedrock Security
  • Snehal Antani, Founder and CEO,
  • Steven Kaplan, GTM Leader, Tessell
  • Huseni Saboowala, Co-Founder & CEO, Cloud Defense
  • Dan Turchin, CEO and Founder, PeopleReign

The panelists will be available to answer questions and provide feedback on how their respective solutions can help CIOs, CISOs and their teams to succeed.

We’ll be hosting HMG Innovation Accelerators in multiple geographies this year, both at our VIP Receptions the night before regional summits and at the summits as well. HMG Innovation Accelerator panels have already been scheduled for our 2023 Phoenix CIO Executive Leadership Summit on March 24; our 2023 Dallas CIO Executive Leadership Summit on April 6; and at a VIP reception for our 2023 New York CIO Summit of America with the Global Women in Technology Summit.

If you’re able to join us today, be sure to register for the 2023 Silicon Valley Global Innovation Summit by clicking.

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