I always enjoy my conversations with Mamatha Chamarthi, a truly remarkable business technology executive. As Head of the Software Business and Product Management P&L at Stellantis, she is focused on leading the company’s transformation from a traditional full-line automaker to a customer-centric sustainable mobility enterprise.  Mamatha is a member of the ChampionX Corporation (CHX) and Health […]

Two years into the pandemic, the U.S. economy remains fundamentally strong. When the history of this turbulent period is written, my hunch is that technology will be credited for keeping us going, despite the risks and obstacles confronting us. It’s clear that several sectors of the economy have benefited from the accelerated pace of digital […]

The Great Resignation – or what some have come to refer to as ‘The Great Re-Evaluation’ – continues to dominate headlines and create major challenges for technology executives and hiring managers. While U.S.-based employees quit their jobs in record numbers in the second half of 2021, another 23% of employees are expected to seek new […]

As cybersecurity continues to become more of a mainstream business issue, CEOs, boards of directors and line-of-business leaders are becoming increasingly aware of the risks that cybersecurity vulnerabilities place on the enterprise.  This is part of the reason why the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently proposed amendments to its rules to enhance and standardize disclosures regarding […]

Earlier this month, the White House added details to its National Cybersecurity Strategy (NCS). The 57-page implementation plan lays out sixty-five federal initiatives for implementing the plan over the next several years. These include strengthening U.S. critical infrastructure against cyber threats, disrupting ransomware threat actors and enforcing liability for software products and services. These efforts […]

One of the truisms of leadership is that great leaders learn both from themselves and from other leaders about what works and what doesn’t. HMG Strategy Founder and CEO Hunter Muller recently spoke with Kevin Gowen, CISO at Synovus, regarding leadership lessons that Kevin learned coming out of the global pandemic along with advice on […]

One of the benefits of examining how companies in other industries utilize technology is that it can often lead to breakthrough ideas for adapting use cases to address organizational challenges. HMG Strategy Founder and CEO Hunter Muller recently spoke with Wael Younan, CIO and CISO at CalOptima Health, the publicly funded health insurance plan for […]

I’ve worked with hundreds of CEOs, CIOs, CISOs, business technology leaders and industry executives over the course of my 35-year career. Through these connections, I’ve seen the traits that constitute great leaders, including courage, vision, boldness, authenticity, inclusion, and effective storytelling. Today, more than ever, business technology executives need to be able to connect the […]