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Join Us Now One of the great benefits that cloud computing offers to CIOs and to enterprises are opportunities to dramatically simplify IT architectures. By doing so, this can enable business units and the enterprise as a whole to become more agile, to drive higher levels of productivity, and to enable greater collaboration between employees […]

Join Us Now Other hot topics to be explored at this event include leveraging technologies to lower costs and drive business growth Westport, CT — August 4, 2023 — HMG Strategy, the World’s #1 platform for enabling technology executives to reimagine the enterprise and reshape the business world, is excited to be hosting its 2023 Washington, […]

Join Us Now As companies continue to develop applications and use cases for AI, there’s a bit of a California Gold Rush mentality taking shape. While many business leaders envision vast productivity and monetary gains from the use of AI within their companies, business technology leaders are trying to temper these lofty expectations by positioning […]

Join Us Now Business transformations are designed to boost overall performance through increased revenue, lower operating costs, and better customer satisfaction and workforce productivity, according to McKinsey & Company. And while commitment from the CEO and the C-suite is critical to the success of business transformation, McKinsey & Company notes the need for many employees […]

Join Us Now I always enjoy my conversations with Mamatha Chamarthi, a truly remarkable business technology executive. As Head of the Software Business and Product Management P&L at Stellantis, she is focused on leading the company’s transformation from a traditional full-line automaker to a customer-centric sustainable mobility enterprise.  Mamatha is a member of the ChampionX Corporation […]

Join Us Now Two years into the pandemic, the U.S. economy remains fundamentally strong. When the history of this turbulent period is written, my hunch is that technology will be credited for keeping us going, despite the risks and obstacles confronting us. It’s clear that several sectors of the economy have benefited from the accelerated […]

Join Us Now The Great Resignation – or what some have come to refer to as ‘The Great Re-Evaluation’ – continues to dominate headlines and create major challenges for technology executives and hiring managers. While U.S.-based employees quit their jobs in record numbers in the second half of 2021, another 23% of employees are expected […]

Join Us Now As cybersecurity continues to become more of a mainstream business issue, CEOs, boards of directors and line-of-business leaders are becoming increasingly aware of the risks that cybersecurity vulnerabilities place on the enterprise.  This is part of the reason why the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently proposed amendments to its rules to enhance and […]

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