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Join Us Now In the past, the axiom, “humans are the weakest link,” was the battle cry of many cyber security professionals. Users, that is, non-security employees, were constantly doing “dumb” things in the eyes of the practitioner. More recently, though, security practitioners have realized that labeling someone as “dumb” is a) not productive and […]

Join Us Now Zoom Taps Former General to Ramp Up Security In a bid to augment security, Zoom has recruited a former national security advisor and retired Army general. “Zoom Video Communications Inc. is further bolstering its ranks as the startup deals with security questions around its system, naming President Trump’s former national-security adviser, H.R. […]

Join Us Now Facebook Dives Back into E-Commerce Competition The world of e-commerce just got more interesting as Facebook jumped back into the competitive arena with a new commitment to online shopping. “Facebook Inc. is making another run at building a shopping empire — and this time it has the direct involvement of the company’s most […]

Join Us Now We have heard a lot about resilience lately. Pressure creates diamonds – fire removes the dross and builds character. I would like to expand upon the fire analogy and share a few thoughts with you. If a flame is weak and gets hit by a big wind – it goes out. It’s […]

Join Us Now Facebook Rejects Fact-Checking Political Posts; Twitter Puts Warning Label The intersection of technology and culture was in the news again this week as the co-founder of the world’s largest social network responded to calls for greater oversight of posts and tweets. “Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told CNBC he does not think social networks should be […]

Join Us Now A recent phenomenon in enterprise security is the increased emphasis on continuous execution of attack scenarios, usually based on frameworks such as MITRE ATT&CK. Dubbed breach and attack simulation by some analysts, and continuous control validation by others, the technique uses automation to demonstrate that targeted security controls are either working as expected […]

Join Us Now Together, all over the world, we are experiencing a historic moment of accelerated transformational change. From our unique vantage point at HMG Strategy, we can see the shift and observe how great leaders adjust and adapt rapidly to the new normal. The speed of the response is truly extraordinary. In a matter […]

Join Us Now Home Networks Broaden the Attack Surface, Posing New Threats to Enterprise Cyber Security The extremely rapid surge of telecommuting has widened the attack surface for potential cyber threats, exposing the modern enterprise to a new generation of expanding risks from malicious attacks. “The work-from-home (WFH) paradigm that has become the new normal […]

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