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Join Us Now Every company today is a software company. Smaller organizations might outsource development to dedicated firms, while large enterprises might employ dozens (or more) of full-time engineers and developers. Regardless of company size and resource availability, even non-tech industries like financial services, retail, and healthcare are building both internal and customer-facing apps at […]

Join Us Now ‘Stay at Home’ Stocks Gain Strength as Economy Adjusts to Ongoing Global Crisis The continuing global crisis has dramatically shifted the future direction of the wider economy, and brought several technology companies into the spotlight as tens of millions of people work from home. Jim Cramer of CNBC has identified new buckets […]

Join Us Now As a teenager, I worked at a discount grocery store on the Jersey Shore – and nothing was more tortuous than inventory. The owner would shut down the entire operation and we’d go through every aisle with a clipboard, counting what was left on the shelves. There was a guy named Dominic […]

Join Us Now Exceptional Leaders Rise Up to Meet the Challenges and Drive Transformational Change Across the Modern Enterprise Together, we are experiencing a crisis of truly global proportions. The sheer intensity and magnitude of this crisis would have been unimaginable last year. Today, we have no choice but to step up and meet the […]

Join Us Now Great Technology Leaders Reimagine, Reinvent, Innovate and Transform to Drive Superior Strategy for the Modern Enterprise in a Time of Global Crisis  This is a moment of transformation change. Great leaders will ramp up and accelerate their efforts to reimagine, reinvent, innovate and drive value across the enterprise. They will deepen and […]

Join Us Now Last night, my buddy from Union City canceled a virtual, on-line drinking session that my wife and I were looking forward to attending. In canceling the event, he cited Zoom as being too insecure for use. (Don’t worry, my wife and I had a drink anyway.) And this morning, I had two […]

Join Us Now We hope you’ve noticed the newest addition to our global platform, HMG Live! Through HMG Live!, we offer a full slate of virtual executive leadership briefings, summits and webinars designed specifically to support and augment your critical efforts in these extraordinarily difficult times. I’m especially gratified by the strong response from our global network of top-tier […]

Join Us Now Thomas Carlyle once said that “our main business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand.” This seems prescient for the times – and I hope it can bring a bit of upbeat energy to such a bleak period in our world. […]

Join Us Now Markets Rise in Response to Fiscal and Monetary Actions Financial markets rose this week in response to government steps designed to shore up the economy during the pandemic. “The Federal Reserve on Thursday announced a bevy of new moves aimed at getting another $2.3 trillion of financing into businesses and revenue-pinched governments,” writes […]

Join Us Now Usage and adoption statistics around video conferencing vary wildly, but one thing is absolutely certain: the coronavirus has ushered in a new age of virtual business meetings. For years, I have spoken and written about the need for courageous leadership. Today, we must step up our game and learn how to lead courageously from the small screen. Many […]

Join Us Now Amazon Begins Temperature Checks of Workers Amazon is stepping up its efforts to make sure employees aren’t coming to work if they are sick. In addition to warehouse workers, Amazon also plans to check the temperatures of employees at Whole Foods. “Amazon is taking greater steps to protect warehouse workers following weeks of […]

Join Us Now Companies worldwide are struggling to find, attract, and retain cyber security staff who possess the right skills for their business. We at TAG Cyber hear consistently from enterprises that the organization receives piles of resumes for each advertised position, but rarely do they see individuals with the appropriate qualifications for their specific hiring needs. […]

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