With COVID-19 now revving its engine, I suspect that many of you are reading this article from the kitchen table, perhaps still in your pajamas. But even before the present global virus situation, this casual teleworking image was pretty familiar for many job functions. I mean – let’s be honest: Checking email is checking email – regardless […]

Financial Markets Rebound After Falling Sharply, But Recession Within Six Months Seems Likely Stocks rose this morning “as Wall Street tried to recoup some of the sharp losses suffered in the previous session — the worst since the ‘Black Monday’ market crash in 1987,” write Fred Imbert, Yun Li and Eustance Huang of CNBC. “S&P 500 futures jumped […]

The title of this piece appears to suggest that building access is not . . . well, cool. Yes, from the title, you might conjure that familiar stereotype of building access – and you know the one: It involves that grumbling, windbreaker-clad, sixty-something in a building lobby, sipping black coffee from a Styrofoam cup, while barking […]

Nation-State threat actors or as they are commonly referred to, advanced persistent threat (APT) groups, continually target public and private sector networks to steal, leverage, or destroy information for their own strategic benefit and objectives. As the threats from these adversaries continue to evolve and become more complex, it’s critical for security leaders to stay attuned […]

Stocks dove again today, driven lower by plunging oil prices fueled by disagreements between the Saudis and the Russians over the economic impact of the coronavirus on oil demand. The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has become a transformational event in our lives and careers. As technology leaders, our colleagues and business partners will surely look to us for guidance, advice […]

Coronavirus Outbreak Continues to Churn Global Markets Markets rose and fell wildly this week amid continuing uncertainty over the extent and impact of the coronavirus outbreak. “Fears about the coronavirus disrupting the global economy continued to grip Wall Street as countries around the world extended quarantines and travel restrictions. California declared a state of emergency […]

Experts advise that one of the negative repercussions of a data breach is brand damage. Following a major headline-making cyber security incident, companies’ stock prices often fall, they may lose customers to competitors, and executives may be fired or asked to step down. While companies like TJX, Home Depot, and Target have bounced back after […]

Our global economy has entered the Fourth Industrial Revolution—an era that promises widespread digital disruption and a breakneck rate of technological change. But are companies ready for Industry 4.0? According to a recent Deloitte Global report on how leaders are balancing the transition and capitalizing on advanced technologies to prepare for it, maybe not. Of more than 2,000 […]

We are living in an era of intense market and business disruption. Technology-led innovation is enabling companies such as Airbnb, Uber, Netflix and Tesla to upend entire industries. To help their own companies to remain viable and to identify fresh opportunities for disruption, CIOs and technology executives are expected to step up with fresh ideas […]

The coronavirus has become the focus of discussion and commentary across every media platform. The crisis is ongoing, and continues to impact communities, nations and global markets. “Health authorities in Washington confirmed a second death in the U.S. from the new coronavirus on Sunday,” according to CNBC. “The patient was a man in his 70s, who was hospitalized at […]

Impact of Coronavirus Spreads Across Global Markets Financial markets continued to drop sharply this week, fed by uncertainty over the coronavirus and its impact on the wider economy. “The selling could push major benchmarks in the United States into a correction,” writes Matt Phillips of the New York Times. “The collapse in investor confidence spread far beyond […]

My title is from Alexis Carrel, the 1912 Nobel Prize winner in Medicine. While his warning was made a century ago, the message remains true: Worrying is not healthy. Sadly, in my work at TAG Cyber as an advisor to cyber security vendors, and as a coach to enterprise security managers, I find that worry is a […]

As a technology leader, I am continually amazed and impressed by Elon Musk’s unique ability to innovate and achieve success in critical markets such as automotive, aerospace and energy. Tesla continues to generate positive headlines at a time when other manufacturers are either struggling for attention or wrestling with product issues. Last week, Consumer Reports highlighted the improved […]