• At Davos, Anti-Globalization Buzz Spurs Digitization Opportunities

    When global corporate and financial leaders convened for the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in mid-January, one of the prevailing themes that came out of the conference was the anti-globalization sentiment being shared in the wake of the Brexit vote and the rise of nationalism.

  • Are You Ready for IT to Hit the Highways?

    Continuing our focus on the emerging driverless car economy, it now seems unlikely that federal regulators will attempt to erect roadblocks that might slow the development of smart transportation and highway systems.

  • HMG Tech News Digest January 19

    Trending News from HMG Strategy on top Apple engineer quitting to join Tesla, VCs being more careful with cash spend, and startups replacing traditional R&D.

  • Shifting Cyber Security from a Liability to a Productivity Boost

    CISO Thought Leadership: Some cyber security leaders recognize opportunities to shift the mindset from cyber security as a liability to instead leverage security practices to boost productivity. Clif Triplett, Sr. Cyber Security Advisor for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, weighs in on the topic.

  • HMG Tech News Digest January 13

    Trending News from HMG Strategy on Alexa's popularity at CES, the sustainability of e-mail, and Salesforce's partnership with AWS.

  • Soon, BYOD Will Include Cars

    As we all know, the modern car is rapidly evolving into a powerful computer on wheels. Fairly soon, your connected car will be just another digital device.

  • Addressing the CEO's Top Cyber Concerns

    Cyber security has become an enterprise concern that has extended to the C-suite. Certainly, high-profile attacks against familiar companies have brought information security to the surface for many corporate CEOs.

  • HMG Tech News Digest January 6

    Trending News from HMG Strategy on Gartner acquiring CEB, the Chinese company TLC's new Blackberry phone, and Microsoft's database software surge.

  • 2017 Research Agendas

    Discover HMG’s Leadership and Technology Research Agendas demonstrating the essential leadership progressions that are aimed at helping technology executives in our network strengthen relationships.

  • Information Security in Healthcare: Protecting the Patient

    CISO Thought Leadership: When it comes to cyber security, the healthcare industry is in a precarious position. Investment in cybersecurity has historically lagged other industries such as financial services. And as patients and practitioners increase their use of remote patient monitoring devices, this is placing added pressure on cybersecurity professionals.

  • HMG Tech News Digest December 23

    Trending News from HMG Strategy on Amazon expanding into driverless trucks, Yahoo's breach record, and whether Mac fans still love Apple as much as they used to.