• "Blockchain and the CIO" - By Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott

    We've become convinced that the most important technology for the Enterprise and the CIO is not big data, the social web, artificial intelligence, robotics, or the cloud. It's the blockchain, the technology behind digital currencies like Bitcoin.

  • Making Enterprise Mobile Apps More Workflow Focused

    Organizational leaders across industries are continuously looking for ways to deploy enterprise mobile apps that can improve employee productivity by enabling workers to get more work done efficiently wherever they may be - whether they're commuting, working from home, or simply somewhere outside the office.

  • Reaching for the Cloud as a Rainmaker to the Enterprise

    Companies are utilizing cloud services for multiple reasons. In some cases, cloud services are more cost-effective than the cost of providing comparable services in-house using premise-based software. In other instances, cloud services are allowing companies to obtain greater agility for scaling resources, accelerating time to market, and in other ways.

  • Busting the Eight Fallacies of the Public Cloud!

    I read the Seven Fallacies of Distributed Computing by Peter Deutsch after their publication in 1994. Little did I realize that these fallacies (eight, with an addition in 1997) would still be true 22 years later with 'distributed' = 'public cloud.'

  • Capturing Insights for Disruptive Innovation

    Some of the most successful examples of disruptive innovation involve companies that identified unmet and, in some cases, unimagined customer needs. In other cases, the genesis for disruption was borne out of necessity.

  • The New Leadership Mandate in the Digital Economy

    Digital transformation is sweeping across the business landscape. Billions of devices are connected to the Internet of Things, providing companies fresh insights regarding customer behaviors and operational conditions.

  • What Does the Roadmap to Success Look Like?

    What do tech giants know that other companies don't? What is it about today's consumers that Amazon, Google and Facebook so clearly understand - and that others fail to grasp?

  • Consummating a Transformational Career Path

    It wasn't that long ago that people were questioning whether the role of the CIO was still needed in enterprise companies. A lot has changed in recent years. Digital skills and digital capital now constitute 22.5% of the global economy, according to Accenture. Companies have only just begun to unlock the potential for digital and need tech-savvy CIOs who understand how digital technologies can be applied to generate business value.

  • Predix and Azure: A Perfect Match, Made in the Cloud

    Last week, GE and Microsoft announced a partnership making Predix available on the Azure cloud. Bill Ruh, the CEO for GE Digital as well as the SVP and CDO for GE, pitched in to discuss some key questions about the partnership.

  • Driving Incremental Innovation

    In the modern enterprise, there are multiple classes of innovation that can emerge based on a company's objectives and the approaches used. Whether it's experiential, sustaining, product, service, process, channel, or other types of innovation, there are numerous avenues companies can explore to drive improvements in the customer experience and in other areas of the business.