• Tackling the Top 3 Cyber Security Challenges for 2017

    Unsecured Internet of Things (Iot) devices and sensors. Nefarious nation-state actors. A war for cyber talent. Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) face an ever-growing list of thorny challenges to contend with. Although the CISOs checklist continues to swell, it's critical to prioritize. As we look ahead to 2017, here are the Top 3 challenges that CISOs need to address.

  • Having the Courage to Say 'No'

    The CIO is also expected to deliver value to the enterprise, in part by recommending technologies that can be used to help usher business growth and by brainstorming with the C-suite on approaches for tackling vexing business challenges. But as a trusted advisor to the executive team, the CIO also needs to be candid when ideas are floated that either aren't sound or don't make good business sense.

  • Massive DDoS Attacks Underscore the Rising Threat of Machine-to-Machine Assaults

    The wide-scale Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that occurred on October 21 overwhelmed the servers for Dyn, Inc., a Domain Name Service provider (DSP) with a slew of bogus requests. As a result, people were unable to reach numerous websites and apps such as Twitter, Netflix, Google, Amazon, and PayPal that rely on Dyn to translate their names into addressable locations.

  • Contributing Value to the Board

    As business continues to become technology-driven, CIOs and IT executives are increasingly expanding their roles beyond the C-suite. Their experience and expertise is sorely needed at the board level, and there's tremendous value that CIOs can offer.

  • Creating Value Through Test Labs and Sandboxes

    One of the benefits of forging close partnerships with start-ups and other technology allies are the lessons they offer in approaching innovation and business. Start-ups, in particular, are working off a clean slate and have fresh perspectives when it comes to creating imaginative processes and novel approaches to innovation.

  • Leveraging Your Company's Most Valuable Asset to Crush the Competition

    As global competition continues to intensify, it's becoming ever-more difficult for companies to compete on products or price. Start-ups and rival firms can easily duplicate a company's products. Meanwhile, pricing isn't a sustainable competitive advantage and only serves to erode profit margins over the long term.

  • The Modern CIO is a Tech Investor, Not Just a Tech Consumer

    I had an excellent conversation last week with Clark Golestani, EVP and CIO at Merck, one of the world's premier research-intensive biopharmaceutical companies. Merck strives to make a positive difference in the lives of billions of people worldwide.

  • Crafting an Adaptive Roadmap in Uncertain Times

    Survival of the fittest has become more acute than ever in today's chaotic business environment. According to a recent study of more than 30,000 publicly-held firms in the U.S. over the past 50 years by Boston Consulting Group, public companies have a one in three chance of being delisted over the next five years, whether because of bankruptcy, liquidation, M&A, or other causes. To help put this in perspective, that's six times the delisting rate that companies faced 40 years ago.