• HMG Tech News Digest September 21

    Trending News on Amazon's 3,000 New Cashierless Stores, Facebook's Battle Against Twitter in Fake News, and Salesforce Chairman Buying Time Magazine

  • The Simplest GRC Tool

    In a wonderful reflection written thirty years ago, the great Edsger Dijkstra described an automatic tool that helped him with his groundbreaking work on a compiler for Algol 60, a precursor programming language to just about every language we've had since: "I then allowed myself the luxury of a portable typewriter," he explained, "which I still have. It had square brackets. It had braces too. I could also type - > and = >."

  • Why CISOs Need Private Coaches

    A few years ago, I had the opportunity to spend a delightful afternoon with the great Lou Holtz. I was the warm-up speaker for him at one of the annual General Services Administration (GSA) Conferences in DC.

  • Eye on Philadelphia: How the CIO Can Connect the Dots for Business Transformation

    Thanks to their unique view across the enterprise, CIOs play a critical role in helping to reimagine and reinvent the business. These capabilities haven't gone unnoticed by boards of directors - in fact, 70% of boards expect their CIO to be an innovative force and a creative disruptor, according to a study by BT Global Services and Vanson Bourne.

  • HMG Tech News Digest August 07

    Trending News on Facebook and Twitter Execs Testify to U.S. Lawmakers, Tips for Protecting Your Mobile Phone While You're Traveling, and AWS CEO Joins NHL Ownership Group

  • Cyber File Surgery

    Roughly two decades ago, I participated in a cool project with the White House to construct a Y2K Coordination Center. The center, which was situated on I Street in Washington, had the mission to solicit and ingest data, information, and gossip from around the world via fax, email, phone, and web.

  • Cyber Attribution for Enterprise

    In perhaps the greatest scene of any movie ever, Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones watches an expert swordsman on the streets of Cairo swiftly brandish his weapon in advance of an epic fight.

  • Why the CIO Should Be a Leader in the Boardroom

    As companies progressively rely on technology to lower costs, power new business models and gain a competitive edge, corporate boards are increasingly recognizing the value of having CIOs and other technology executives participate on boards with them for their technology/business expertise.