• HMG Tech News Digest October 19

    Trending News on the NVIDIA / Volvo Collaboration, a New Amazon Patent, and the Passing of Tech Industry Legend Paul Allen

  • Predictive AI for Endpoints

    Here is a quote from Elon Musk that surfaced about a year ago: "With artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon." In contrast, around the same time, my good friend Stuart McClure, CEO of Cylance, offered the following comment on his blog: "I ask you to look beyond the robot uprising media memes and consider AI as the problem-solving technology that it is." For the record, I agree with Stuart.

  • HMG Tech News Digest October 12

    Trending News on New Google Phones, Evidence of China Telecom Hacking, and Amazon Report to Delete Biased AI Recruiting Tool

  • What to Tell Your Boss About Supermicro

    Everyone I know believes Supermicro is guilty. The story, which you know by now, is that during the assembly process at this $2B company, oft-called the Microsoft of hardware, a rice-sized Trojan chip was placed onto their motherboards, which are manufactured in San Jose.

  • Are You Prepared for the Era of Content Validation?

    Traditionally, CIOs have been responsible for maintaining and operating systems of records. Someone else - usually in finance or accounting- was responsible for ensuring the accuracy and veracity of the data in those systems.

  • HMG Tech News Digest October 05

    Trending News on Musk Fighting the SEC, Paul Allen Fighting Recurrence of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and What Quantum Computing Can and Cannot Do

  • IoT Micro-Security

    I remember wandering into a conference talk several years ago, where some spy-consultant was explaining how you bug a conference table with a UHF transmitter. Most of the talk didn't stick with me, but I remember that the bug design involved a quick burst of data, followed by a period of quiet.

  • HMG Tech News Digest September 28

    Trending News on the Apple Watch ECG Capability, App-Only Banking Trend in Europe, and Innovative Hoverboard Company Backed by Mark Cuban Dissolves.

  • Security Ethics for Robots

    I first heard about Twitter directly from Jack Dorsey. He and I were standing backstage about a decade ago in New York City, chatting about his new service. Hugh Thompson, now CTO of Symantec, was also there, and after Jack rushed off to prepare for his on-stage interview, I made one of the dumbest comments in the history of technology: "Hugh," I said confidently, "I don't see how that Twitter thing can be successful." There - I admit it.