• Five Cyber Security Hopes for 2019

    Fifty years ago, the surprisingly political Smothers Brothers convinced CBS to let Pete Seeger perform on their show his anti-war protest song, Waist Deep in the Big Muddy. The famous song’s perfect title reflects its basic Vietnam-era premise – namely, that our country was stuck in a terrible situation with no obvious solution. And like the sad hero of the song, once you get stuck deep enough in the mud, there might be no escape.

  • Great Leadership Remains the Key Driver of Success

    Elon Musk’s subterranean high-speed transit tunnel project in Hawthorne, a suburb of Los Angeles, is a stark reminder to all of us that visionary leadership remains the key driver of success in today’s hyper-competitive global markets.

  • HMG Tech News Digest December 21

    Trending News on Alphabet Energy Spinoff, New Tunnel Reveal in Los Angeles, Open Source Code in Public Projects, and Japan's New Home Robot

  • Visibility for Enterprise Security

    When you hear the term high-speed packet capture, what comes to mind? For me, the term has always conjured thoughts of comprehensive lawful intercept, broad metadata analysis, critical infrastructure protection, and on and on.

  • HMG Tech News Digest December 14

    Trending News on Intel's Stackable 'Chiplets,' the Recent Marriott Data Breach, Google CEO Testifying Before Congress and the FCC Empowering Carriers to Crack Down on Spam

  • Implementing Zero Trust

    Thirty years ago, I needed a Russian alphabet for Unix troff (yea, I know – but please don’t ask). Online search tools didn’t exist back then, so finding a workable package was tougher than you’d expect. After some poking around, I managed to locate a colleague at Bell Labs – Eric Grosse – who had what I needed. He possessed a library of Cyrillic glyphs that could be easily mapped to our troff text input. It worked perfectly for our stealthy project.

  • HMG Tech News Digest December 07

    Trending News on Amazon Expanding into Data Centers with AWS Outposts, Facebook Providing Customers with Special Access to User Data, and the Radical Transformation of 5G Networks.

  • Tip Toeing Through Cyber Insurance

    “If you took all the men and women employed in the U.S. insurance industry and laid them head to toe, starting on New York’s William or John Street – the little-talked-about insurance industry equivalents of neighboring Wall Street – they would stretch up the West Side Highway, head to toe, over the George Washington Bridge into N.J., down the N.J. Turnpike to the Pa. Turnpike, across Pa. into Ohio, through Ohio along Interstate 80 past Chicago, past Des Moines, past Lincoln, Nebraska – still head to toe, one after another – past Cheyenne, Wyoming to someplace just shy of Salt Lake City.”