• HMG Tech News Digest April 12

    Trending News on Google Ramping Up Revenue From Maps, Jamie Dimon Focusing on Cyber Sec, Apple Breaking iTunes into 3 Separate Parts, and Black Hole Image Conquering the Internet

  • Embedded IoT Cyber Solutions: An Interview with Bill Diotte of Mocana

    Internet of Things. One can’t help but imagine the discussion where such an awkward moniker emerged as the winning entry: Internet of Devices? (Too specific). Internet of Systems? (Too general). Internet of Embedded Components? (No way). The logic of this progression led to the wildcard compromise: Things. And such a naming challenge is a useful hint that identifying security solutions for IoT is similarly difficult.

  • HMG Tech News Digest April 5

    Trending News on Ginni Rometty's Option on the Future of Work, Amazon Selling High Tech to Law Enforcement, and Verizon Rolling Out 5G in Chicago and Minneapolis

  • UK Flunks Huawei

    Regarding Chinese tech companies like Huawei, Americans are told the following: Trojans that have been expertly dissolved into the product code allow for remote control of networks by the Chinese Government. From our boardrooms in Midtown, to member offices on Capitol Hill, this narrative is rarely questioned. Even our diplomats repeat the warning: Ambassador Grenell recently told Berlin to steer clear of Huawei for 5G – or else.

  • Building on the Customer Experience

    As companies across industries have become increasingly customer-focused, CIOs themselves have become more active participants in helping shape, even reimagine the customer experience. Forrester Research predicts that CIOs will shift away from tech-of-the-day innovation strategies and move towards methodical innovation approaches that are more customer and revenue-centric.

  • Lead, Innovate, Disrupt and Invent: CIO Summit of America Sets New Standard for Excellence and Raises the Bar for Technology Leadership in the 21st Century

    It’s Monday, and I’m still riding the incredible tidal wave of excitement we created at the 2019 CIO Summit of America in New York last week. In addition to breaking attendance records, we truly set a new standard for professional conferences and I’m delighted by the positive feedback we received from our audience of technology executives and professionals.

  • Tech News Digest March 29

    Trending News on record attendance at HMG Strategy's 2019 CIO Summit of America, Zoom filing for their IPO, Facebook taking action against hate groups, and SoftBank focusing on Latin America.

  • Network Security as a Service

    Many TAG Cyber customers are wasting their money. And yes, I hear you laughing—but no, they are not wasting money on our services. Instead, they are wasting money doing technology tasks others could do better. Sometimes this involves running servers. Other times it involves coding apps. But it almost always involves trying to manage – and secure – data networks with insufficient staff, budget, and resources. We see this every day.

  • How the CIO Can Help Foster a Culture of Customer Centricity

    As the role of the CIO continues to become more strategic in nature, it has also become increasingly customer-focused. CIOs and IT teams are expected to help the business to identify opportunities to remove friction from the customer experience and to help functional areas such as marketing and lines of business to forge deeper customer relationships by gaining a deeper understanding of customer preferences and behaviors.

  • HMG Tech News Digest March 22

    Trending News on EU Regulators Hitting Google with $1.69B Fine, Disney Buying 21st Century Fox for $71.3B and Apple Announcing 2nd Generation AirPods

  • Active and Integrated Email Defense

    I just received a purchase order from Midwest Library Service for a textbook I wrote on intrusion detection many years ago. That old book focused on passive intrusion detection as a prompt for subsequent management action in a SOC. I’d hoped that detection of indicators would result in alarms that could then initiate rapid mitigation. Subsequent evolution of IDS included some things that I expected, but also many that I didn't. (Don’t tell Midwest).