• Seeking the Intersection of Superior Technology and Operational Excellence Under the New CIO Mandate

    This is unquestionably the best time to be a technology executive. The spectacular rise of customer-centric business strategies has transformed the role of tech leaders and elevated technology from the back office to center stage. The incredible success of companies such as Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Google and Microsoft has proven conclusively that technology has the power to drive global markets and create value that would have been unimaginable in previous eras.

  • HMG Tech News Digest May 24

    Trending news on how is Tesla most likely not going to be recused by Apple, Amazon or another tech giants, Google's new service, Google Duplex, a chip designer suspending business with Hauwei due to U.S. ban, and Game of Thrones fans in China unable to watch the shows climactic episode.

  • Crowdsourced Security Testing

    Identifying exploitable vulnerabilities in enterprise environments is a difficult pursuit – one that CISOs and their security teams spend considerable time and effort trying to accomplish. An important resource that can be unleashed to drive progress in this area is the collective power of vetted and skilled security experts – sometimes referred to as ethical hackers or white hats – to identify problems before a malicious adversary can do so.

  • The CIO’s Role in Driving the Business Forward

    CIOs play an increasingly strategic role in driving innovation and business transformation initiatives. This helps explain why 79% of CIOs who were recently surveyed by Grant Thornton and the Technology Business Management Council say that IT has a voice in business strategy and business initiatives.

  • HMG Tech News Digest May 17

    Trending News on the Cybersecurity Battle with China, Apple's 5G iPhone Chip Timeline, and Microsoft’s New Platform Helps Developers Create Advanced Robotics and Autonomous Systems for the IoT

  • Roadmap to Zero Trust

    The first portable traffic monitors were introduced in 1936. Referred to as electronic eyes, these weatherproof road strips were laid across the pavement and connected to a battery-operated recorder. When your Hudson or Packard passed over the strip, the recorder would increment the car count by one. It also printed the results, along with the time, onto a roll of paper that lasted for about 24 days. The clock required winding every eight days. So cool.

  • HMG Tech News Digest May 10

    Trending News on China's Top Tech Firms Increase in Spending, Korn Ferry Showing Strong Focus on Digital Transformation and Microsoft Embracing Linux with Windows 10 Integration

  • CorpSec, Meet InfoSec. (And Vice Versa)

    I once had a neighbor whose dank little basement was finished entirely in particle board. I remember him bragging during a party that the low-density sheets of sawmill shavings were lifted from some poorly monitored warehouse at work. “No one ever goes in there,” he joked, “and these boards would have just been thrown out. So, I figured I’d put ‘em to good use.” Welcome to theft rationalization, New Jersey-style.

  • Making the Future Global Energy Company

    Disruption is affecting companies in nearly every corner of the economy and the energy industry is no exception. Meanwhile, technological innovation is contributing to the falling costs of renewable energy and energy storage.

  • HMG Tech News Digest May 03

    Trending News on Apple Shares Jumping, Facebook's Latest Redesign, Microsoft's Acquisition of Express Logic, and 6G Networks

  • CISOs are Excelling in Multiple Areas: Where There’s Room for Improvement

    CISOs have come a long way, baby. From their roots in analyzing and addressing information security and controls, most CISOs have expanded their roles by hiring great talent and fighting incidents very well. Moreover, they are now firmly established at the board level now that cybersecurity is a top concern for boards and we are educating our leaders.