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2023 Greenwich CIO Executive Leadership Summit

Connecticut – Thu, 10-26-2023 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM

Visionary Leadership:  Driving a Modern AI Enterprise and Secure Digital Agenda

Inflationary pressures and other macro-economic challenges are creating headwinds for technology executives and fellow members of the C-suite to execute on and achieve strategic goals through 2023. The fast-changing socio-economic landscape is prompting technology executives to become more creative than ever in a cost-conscious environment and to draw upon authentic and inclusive leadership skills to inspire their teams. Meanwhile, tech leaders will need to remain laser focused on new ransomware, phishing and crypto mining attacks amidst budgetary pressures.
Here are the four prevailing leadership and technology trends that HMG Strategy will be focusing on throughout its 2023 Executive Leadership Summit Series:

  • Innovation & Invention to Spur Revenue Growth
  • Fostering World-Class Collaboration and Teaming
  • Harnessing Advanced Technology to Drive Cost Reduction
  • Securing a Global Digital Agenda

Global economic challenges are creating unique opportunities for business technology executives to foster a collaborative culture, embrace fresh innovative approaches, and develop strong partnerships to leverage hot technologies such as AI, ChatGPT, cloud platforms and cyber technologies to securely move the needle for the business and win in tumultuous times.

2023 Greenwich CIO Executive Leadership Summit

Visionary Leadership:  Driving a Modern AI Enterprise and Secure Digital Agenda

October 26, 2023, 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM ET

7:30 – 8:30 AM 

Breakfast and Networking

8:30 – 8:50 AM                                                                      

Welcome and Introduction

Hunter Muller, Founder and CEO, HMG Strategy and Vinny Licht, CIO Advisor and Board Member, President Fairfield/Westchester SIM

8:50 – 9:10AM

EXECUTIVE TECH TALK:  Unlocking Tomorrow: AI, Imagination, and the Evolution of Leadership

Rita J. King, EVP Business Development, Science House, interviewed by Anna Ransley, Chief Digital Information Officer, Quaker Houghton

Delve into the intersection of AI and imagination with two thought provoking leaders at the forefront of AI and innovation. In this keynote fireside chat you will hear a discussion on how AI is amplifying creativity and guiding new leadership approaches. Get ready to reimagine leadership and work for a future where imagination knows no bounds.

BRIEF BIO: Rita J. King is a futurist, writer and entrepreneur who works with senior leadership teams around the world to align values with business goals and advise on pragmatic action. Rita designs dynamic plans for the development of collaborative culture.

9:10 – 9:30 AM                                                                              

Coffee Break, Networking and Meet Our Partners

9:30 – 9:50 AM

EXECUTIVE TECH TALK:  AI and the Future of Work: How to Thrive in the Era of ChatGPT

Dan Turchin, CEO, PeopleReign 

AI, machine learning and technologies such as ChatGPT are beginning to revolutionize the future of work. Technologies such as ChatGPT are redefining how humans and bots will work together. In this timely and thought-provoking executive discussion, Dan will explore how AI and automation is changing the nature of work, how it will impact the day-to-day lives of executives and employees, the potential ‘gotchas’ associated with AI along with the interdependence between humans and machines.

BRIEF BIO: Dan Turchin is a forward-thinking CEO, investor, and board member with a deep passion for artificial intelligence (AI), information technology (IT), and the future of work. For the past three and a half years, Dan has served as the CEO of PeopleReign, where he is at the forefront of the movement to revolutionize the HR industry through technology.

9:50 – 10:30 AM

BREAKTHROUGH INSIGHTS PANEL:  Generative AI:  Will it Revolutionize the Future of Work and the Customer Experience?

Moderator:   Joseph Puglisi, Chairman & Co-Manager, North Andover Investors Collaborative, LLC

Kamran Amin, CIO, Arch Capital Services LLC

Danielle Maurici-Arnone, Global Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Combe International

Anna Ransley, Chief Digital Information Officer, Quaker Houghton

Dan Turchin, CEO, PeopleReign

A looming recession and softening business conditions have prompted many senior leadership teams to focus on cost cutting. Nevertheless, business technology leaders are still being counted upon to help drive innovation and to create new revenue opportunities. One way to do that is by leveraging artificial intelligence tools such as ChatGPT and Generative AI to unearth fresh insights into customer preferences and shifting behaviors that can then spur new business opportunities ahead of the market. 

In this executive panel discussion, world-class CIOs, technology leaders and industry executives share their recommendations for utilizing customer data and AI tools to mine new business opportunities and to monetize data more effectively.

10:30 – 10:35 AM

HMG 2023 Global Leadership Institute Award Presentation to Vinny Licht, CIO Advisor and Board Member, President Fairfield/Westchester SIM and Dara Meath, SVP, Chief Technology Officer, Build-A-Bear World Headquarters

10:35 – 11:00 AM                                                                              

Coffee Break, Networking and Meet Our Partners

11:00 – 11:35 AM                                                                          

EXECUTIVE PANEL:  Tapping Innovative Technologies and Partnerships to Drive Cost Containment and Power Business Growth

Moderator:  Jim Panos, CIO, Central National Gottesman Inc.

Reju George, VP Digital, Automotive Division, Harman International

Josephine O’Hazo, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Giant Eagle, Inc.

Tom McCurley, CIO, The Chefs’ Warehouse

John Ricci, VP Corporate IT, Fox Corporation

Many technology executives find themselves between a rock and a hard place. CEOs and CFOs are leaning on CIOs and technology leaders to find ways to reduce costs in a tight economy. On the other hand, technology executives are being counted upon to utilize hot technologies that can spark new business innovation and to support digital business models.

This panel of executives will share use cases for advanced technologies and partnerships that can lower costs and drive new business value.

11:35 -11:40 AM

HMG 2023 Global Leadership Institute Award Presentation to Jim Panos, CIO, Central National Gottesman Inc. and Tom McCurley, CIO, The Chefs\’ Warehouse

11:40 AM – 12:00 NOON

EXECUTIVE TECH TALK:  Lessons Learned Leading Through Crisis

Snehal Antani, CEO, 

Snehal Antani shares how his experience serving within the US Special Operations community prepared him to navigate difficult business situations as a CEO. Emphasizing the cultivation of grit, the value of perpetual learning, the courage to tackle daunting challenges with a cycle-tested executive team, Antani delineates principles crucial for leadership through crises.

12:00 – 1:00 PM                                                                            

Lunch and Networking – sponsored by Benchmark IT

  • F/W SIM News – Ken Zimmerman, SVP of Digital Transformation Services at Coretelligent and Co-chair Member Recruitment and Member Services, F/W SIM
  • F/W SIM High School Scholarship AwardAnna Ransley, Chief Digital Information Officer, Quaker Houghton and (Co-Chair Academic Scholarships, F/W SIM
  • FIRST Robotics Demo IntroductionArvind Sahu, Head of IT, Kari-Out Company
  • HMG 2023 Global Leadership Institute Award Photo

        Robert Blythe, VP Information Security & Technology Risk Management, World Wrestling Entertainment

        Matt Lagana, Managing Director, MBIA

        Vinny Licht, CIO Advisor and Board Member, President Fairfield/Westchester SIM

        Tom McCurley, CIO, The Chefs\’ Warehouse

        Dara Meath, SVP, Chief Technology Officer, Build-A-Bear World Headquarters

        Jim Panos, CIO, Central National Gottesman Inc.


1:00 – 1:35 PM 

EXECUTIVE PANEL:  The Female Tech Leader as Enterprise Change Agent to Enable a Digital Business

Moderator:  Danielle Maurici-Arnone, Global Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Combe International

Julia Anderson, Chief Technology and Information Officer, Campbell Soup Company

Dr. Helen Adesuwa Uzamere, CIO, Project Renewal

Cindy Finkelman, Managing Director, Alvarez & Marsal

Colette Rubio, former SVP, Technology, The Madison Square Garden Company

Female technology executives have an incredible opportunity to act as enterprise change agents as they sit at the intersection of how technology can be leveraged to drive transformative change across the organization. But to pilot such dramatic changes across the organization, bold leadership is needed to execute on digital business opportunities and go-to-market strategies while guiding the cultural transformation that’s needed to succeed.

In this captivating executive panel discussion, world-class business technology executives will share how they are applying an innovative approach to help to transform their companies’ business models and to guide the cultural evolution needed for the digital enterprise to fire on all cylinders.

1:35 – 1:55 PM                                                                                   

EXECUTIVE TECH TALK:   GenAI: A Double-Edged Sword for Cyber Teams

Ed Soo Hoo, Data Center Evangelist, Lenovo

In today’s world, where there is a constant struggle to attract and retain the best talent, leadership is crucial for building a strong cyber team. Leaders need to balance the existing skills, needs and aspirations of their team members, and provide them with opportunities to learn, grow and excel. Certifications and experience are not enough to ensure the success of a cyber team.

Leaders also need to create a culture of collaboration, discipline and mission-driven work, where the team can act as a cohesive unit in the face of emerging challenges. One of these challenges is the rise of GenAI, a powerful technology that can be used for both good and evil. Just as Zeus feared that humans would misuse fire, we need to be careful about how we use and control GenAI. Leaders need to prepare their cyber teams for this new reality and help them harness the potential of GenAI for positive outcomes.

1:55 – 2:15 PM

Coffee Break, Networking and Meet Our Partners      

2:15 – 2:35 PM                                                                                  

START-UP SHOWCASE: The HMG Innovation Accelerator

Moderator:  Hunter Muller, Founder and CEO, HMG Strategy

Aziz Kapadia, Principal Solutions Engineer, Avalor Security

Roni Fuchs, Founder and CEO, Legit Security

Research conducted by HMG Strategy reveals that one of the top focus areas for technology executive leaders is working with the CEO and the executive team to enable innovation and grow the business. In this exclusive session, we will ask the CEOs and leaders of innovative technology companies about the challenges they solve for clients, the innovation they deliver to companies, and how their solutions are differentiated in the market.

2:35 – 3:10 PM      

EXECUTIVE PANEL: Navigating the Risks of Generative AI: Perspectives from Cybersecurity, Risk & Compliance, and Governance Experts

Moderator:  Cindy Finkelman, Managing Director, Alvarez & Marsal

Keith Armonaitis, Lead – Innovation Lab, The Port Authority of NY and NJ

Snehal Antani, CEO,

Robert Blythe, Vice President, Information Security & Technology Risk Management, WWE

Matt Lagana, Managing Director, CTO & CISO, MBIA Inc.

As generative AI continues to rapidly evolve, senior IT Leaders must stay informed about the potential risks and challenges that arise with its use. In this panel discussion, experts across cybersecurity, risk & compliance, and governance will discuss the latest developments in generative AI and provide insights on how to mitigate risks and ensure compliance with relevant regulations. The panel will explore topics such as data privacy, ethical considerations, and governance frameworks, and provide practical advice for implementing controls in your organizations to minimize risk.

3:10 – 3:20 PM

HMG 2023 Global Leadership Institute Award Presentation to Robert Blythe, Vice President, Information Security & Technology Risk Management, WWE and Matt Lagana, Managing Director, CTO & CISO, MBIA Inc.                              

3:20 – 3:25 PM 

Transition Break

3:25 – 4:00 PM                                                                                   

EXECUTIVE PANEL:  Leading as The CEO of Technology – Preparing for What’s Next

Moderator:  Mark Polansky, Executive in Residence, HMG Strategy and Former Senior Partner, Korn Ferry

Fred Danback, SVP, CIO and CISO, Healthcare Risk Advisors

Dave Harris, CIO, Shake Shack

Dara Meath, SVP, Chief Technology Officer, Build-A-Bear World Headquarters

Hunter Muller, Founder and CEO, HMG Strategy

The world and the business community has experienced more turbulence in the past 3 years than we’ve seen in a century – a global pandemic, massive supply-chain disruptions, the War in Ukraine, an international recession and other geo-political shockwaves. As the CEO of Technology, CIOs need the ability to peer around the corner and to anticipate what might be coming next to enable the business to succeed.

In this compelling Executive Panel discussion, world-class CIOs and industry experts share the type of leadership acumen that’s needed to succeed in today’s uncertain environment, to lead through the C-suite and the Board and to guide employees to a brighter future. 

4:00 PM                                                                                   

Closing Remarks & Raffle Prizes

SPECIAL PRESENTATION:  SIM nationally partners with FIRST Robotics (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), supporting our Outreach mission to encourage students to pursue degrees in Technology.  We will be joined by a remarkable group of young innovators who design, build, and compete an industrial-sized robot.  These talented individuals have been not only learning advanced technical and leadership skills in a hands-on immersive environment, but also won a FIRST Engineering Inspiration Award for their tireless efforts in community outreach and inspiring even younger students to explore STEM. Please stay for a live demonstration of their impressive robot!

EXECUTIVE NETWORKING RECEPTION – Following the summit and FIRST Robotics presentation, please join us for a cocktail reception and networking.

The Reception is sponsored by PKA Technologies, LLC


Ursuline Foley

Independent Board Director, Full Board Member, Risk & Technology Committees (former Audit member)
Provident Financial Services

Matthew Lagana

Managing Director, CTO, & CISO

Vinny Licht

CIO Advisor & Board Member
SIM Fairfield/Westchester

Hunter Muller

Founder & CEO
HMG Strategy

Jim Panos

Central National Gottesman Inc.

Mark Polansky

Executive in Residence, HMG Strategy Former Senior Partner
Korn Ferry

Joseph Puglisi

Growth Strategist / Interim CIO

Anna Ransley

Chief Digital Information Officer
Quaker Houghton

Advisory Board

Kamran Amin

Arch Reinsurance Group

Robert Barocas

Head of Finance, Procurement and Global Services Technology
Johnson & Johnson

Linda Chan

VP, Information Technology
Amphenol Corporation

Andrew Cotter

Somerset Capital Group, Ltd.

Fred Danback

SVP, Chief Information Officer and CISO
Healthcare Risk Advisors

Richard M. Entrup

Managing Director, Head of Emerging Solutions – Enterprise Innovation

Hugo Fueglein

Managing Director
Diversified Research

Rocco Grillo

Managing Director – Global Cyber Risk Services & Incident Response Investigation
Alvarez & Marsal

Mohan Hanumantha

VP, Head of Application Develoment – Corporate Systems
AXA XL, Division of AXA

Jon Harding

SVP & Global CIO
Conair LLC

Norman Jacknis

Professor of Practice, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Northeastern University

Rhona Kannon

Principal Director

Michael Kerrigan

Group CIO
Ascot Group

Danielle Maurici-Arnone

Global Chief Digital and Technology Officer
Combe International

Jason McKay

CIO & VP Business Process
Riggs Distler Company

Rafi Mohamed

O&G Industries

Ken Murdoch

Current Director of US Programs Operations and Logistics – Former VP/CIO of IT and Building Ops
Save the Children

Adam Noble

Operating Partner – Information Technology|CIO|CTO
Littlejohn & Company

Nicholas Parrotta

President, Digital Transformation Solutions Business
Harman International

Colette Rubio

Senior Vice President, Technology
The Madison Square Garden Company

Arvind Sahu

Head of IT
Kari-Out Company

Nicole Sandford

President and CEO, Board MemberPresident and CEO, Board Member
Aspira Women\’s Health

Rajeev Sukumaran

VP, Head of IT / CIO – US
Boehringer Ingelheim

Moto Tohda

Vice President / IS
Tokyo Century (USA) Inc.

Montos Vakirtzis

Chief Information Officer
Neptune Retail Solutions

Ken Zima

CIO-Director, Information Technology
Aquarion Water Company

Ken Zimmerman

SVP of Digital Transformation Services

Presenting Partners


    While Snehal Antani and Anthony Pillitiere were working to transform their cyber security posture, Red Team operations became a critical part of their strategy, but hiring consultants or maintaining a dedicated Red Team was expensive and could only cover a narrow slice of their enterprise. They started and fused military cyber attackers with artificial intelligence experts and automation engineers, to deliver continuous, automated, 100% coverage Red Teaming as a service. No consultants. No professional services. Delivered as a true SaaS offering.

Gold Partners

  • Denodo

    Denodo is a leader in data management. The award-winning Denodo Platform is the leading data integration, management, and delivery platform using a logical approach to enable self-service BI, data science, hybrid/multi-cloud data integration, and enterprise data services. Realizing more than 400% ROI and millions of dollars in benefits, Denodo’s customers across large enterprises and mid-market companies in 30+ industries have received payback in less than 6 months. For more information, visit or call +1 877 556 2531 (US) / +44 (0) 20 7869 8053 (UK) / +65 6950 7489 (Singapore).
  • Netskope

    Netskope, a global cybersecurity leader, is redefining cloud, data, and network security to help organizations apply zero trust principles to protect data. Fast and easy to use, the Netskope platform provides optimized access and zero trust security for people, devices, and data anywhere they go. Netskope helps customers reduce risk, accelerate performance, and get unrivaled visibility into any cloud, web, and private application activity. Thousands of customers, including more than 25 of the Fortune 100, trust Netskope and its powerful NewEdge network to address evolving threats, new risks, technology shifts, organizational and network changes, and new regulatory requirements. Learn how Netskope helps customers be ready for anything on their SASE journey.
  • OutSystems

    OutSystems is a global leader in high-performance application development. We partner with visionaries to turn their big ideas into software that moves business, people, and the world forward. The OutSystems high-performance low-code platform gives technology leaders and developers the tools they need to rapidly build, deploy and manage their own business-critical applications. The company’s network spans more than 600,000 community members, 400+ partners, and active customers in 87 countries across 22 industries. OutSystems is “The #1 Low-Code Platform®” and a recognized leader by analysts, IT executives, business leaders, and developers around the world.
  • Pure Storage

    Pure Storage helps customers build a better world with data. The Pure Storage Data Platform, powered by all-flash storage, offers a simpler, more effective, and more flexible solution for cloud infrastructure and data-rich applications like artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics. With Satmetrix-certified NPS performance in the top 1% of B2B companies, Pure has an ever-expanding range of customers who are some of the happiest in the world.
  • Tanium

    Tanium, the industry’s only provider of converged endpoint management (XEM), protects every team, endpoint, and workflow from cyber threats by integrating IT, Compliance, Security, and Risk into a single platform that delivers comprehensive visibility across devices, a unified set of controls, and a common taxonomy for a single shared purpose: to protect critical information and infrastructure at scale. State and local governments, educational institutions, federal civilian agencies and the U.S. armed forces trust Tanium to protect people; defend data; secure systems; and see and control every endpoint, team, and workflow everywhere. That’s the power of certainty.

Supporting Partners

  • Cognizant Technology Solutions

    Cognizant (NASDAQ: CTSH) is a leading provider of information technology, consulting, and business process outsourcing services, dedicated to helping the world’s leading companies build stronger businesses. Headquartered in Teaneck, New Jersey, Cognizant combines a passion for client satisfaction, technology innovation, deep industry and business process expertise, and a global, collaborative workforce that embodies the future of work. Visit us at
  • Consolidated Computing

    Consolidated Computing continuously strives to be a leader in powering next generation technology decisions and solutions. We help our customers evolve and transform their technology stack, as trusted advisors we help our customers achieve their business outcomes. We’re passionate about helping you and advising you on next generation technologies and solutions for cloud, collaboration, connectivity, and cybersecurity.

    With vast amounts of new technology getting introduced each day it is getting more difficult to maintain all of the technical skills in house to support the needs of the end user. As you know, it does not make financial sense to employ staff with all of these skills if they aren’t being put to use on a regular basis. This is where Consolidated Computing can help. We have a team of expert engineers ready to supplement your IT staff for implementation and support of your IT infrastructure. This way, you and your staff can concentrate on the end user and his/her applications while Consolidated Computing concentrates on your IT infrastructure. From the desktop to the datacenter, we are equipped with certified engineering expertise to deliver services and support second to none.

Innovation Accelerator Partners

  • Avalor

    Avalor is the data fabric for security teams, providing quick access and analysis of disparate data pipelines overlayed with business critical context. Avalor’s open data platform takes a modern, source-agnostic approach to security – dynamically ingesting, normalizing, and enriching data from any source (legacy systems, data lakes, data warehouses, sql databases, applications, etc.) to build a complete picture of all weaknesses or adversaries (CVE, code flaw, misconfigurations, app security findings, external attack surface risk, third party risk, user behavior risk, etc.). With Avalor, organizations can embed business context and KPIs into prioritization workflows and achieve full cycle risk assessment, remediation, and reporting while expanding into additional use cases with full transparency of their data.
  • Legit Security

    Legit Security is a cyber security company offering a SaaS-based solution that secures an organization’s software supply chain to prevent sensitive data leaks and insecure software releases. Legit provides enterprise security leaders with the visibility and contextual information they need to minimize risk, and provides software development and DevOps leaders with tools to ensure their teams and build processes adhere to best practices. With Legit Security, your business can stay secure while releasing software fast. Software supply chain attacks and security incidents involving the SDLC are growing rapidly, and can result in devastating damage including an unfortunate multiplier effect on downstream software consumers all with one attack. The team at Legit Security is on a mission to protect companies from this rapidly growing threat with a SaaS solution that supports both cloud and on-prem resources and is very easy to implement. Contact us to learn more about our solution and career opportunities at Legit.

Strategic Partners

  • Egon Zehnder

    Egon Zehnder was founded in 1964 with a distinctive vision and structure aimed at achieving two basic goals – to place our clients’ interests first and to lead our profession in creating value for our clients through the assessment and recruitment of top-level management resources. The most fundamental expression of our client-first vision resides in our structure, which is unique to our profession. Our 390 consultants, operating from 63 wholly owned offices in 37 countries, are organized around a single-profit center partnership. This is designed to eliminate competitive barriers between our offices. It allows us to operate seamlessly when engagements call for us to mobilize across many offices in a country or a region. Large or small, local or global, our clients benefit from our structure by having access to our most relevant resources and relationships wherever they may reside. Underpinning this unique structure is our private ownership. We have chosen to operate our firm independent of any outside interests and are motivated solely by a desire to exceed our clients’ expectations.
  • Heidrick & Struggles

    Heidrick & Struggles actively solves business problems for our clients every day. Through our Leadership Advisory framework, we help companies attract, develop and retain the world’s most talented individuals. For almost 60 years, we have focused on quality service and built strong leadership teams through our relationships with clients and individuals worldwide. Today, Heidrick & Struggles leadership experts operate from principal business centers in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.
  • Korn Ferry

    At Korn Ferry, we design, build, attract and ignite talent. Since our inception, clients have trusted us to help recruit world-class leadership. Today, we are a single source for leadership and talent consulting services to empower businesses and leaders to reach their goals. Through our vision, research and tools across 80 offices and 3,700 employees, we convert potential into greatness. Our solutions range from executive recruitment and leadership development programs, to enterprise learning, succession planning, and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). Organizations around the world trust Korn Ferry to manage their talent – a responsibility we meet every day with passion, expertise, integrity and results.
  • Spencer Stuart

    Founded in 1956 and privately owned, Spencer Stuart is one of the world’s leading executive search consulting firms. We are the advisor of choice among top companies seeking guidance and counsel on senior leadership needs. We have unrivalled access to leading executives around the world. Our clients range across industries, from the world’s largest companies to medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups. We operate out of 51 offices in 27 countries. Last year we conducted more than 4,000 assignments around the world. Our team of more than 300 consultants possesses a unique blend of professional search experience and industry expertise. Consultants are organized in practices and work in teams, often across international boundaries that maximize sector specialization and knowledge-sharing. These client service teams are supported by first-rate associates and researchers, and backed by state-of-the-art technology. We place quality at the center of everything we do and solicit candid feedback at every opportunity in order to continually improve our service to clients. We channel our knowledge and expertise into a wide range of publications for the benefit of existing and prospective clients.

Alliance Partners

  • Cyberstarts

    We have spent years building industry leading companies. We bring this trove of experience and relationships to every venture we invest in. Cyberstarts was the brainchild of many deep conversations with our most successful cyber peers to distill the holy grail that enabled us to build important companies. It soon became clear that the trajectory to success is determined at a venture’s earliest start. That our deep inside perspective and highly engaged network during this critical earliest stage were unique ingredients in our successes. By aggregating these close relationships for entrepreneurs who we believe in, we knew that we can create incredible value for our tight network of CISOs who enjoy the earliest access to solutions that they help to define. These peers became investors and Cyberstarts became the only VC primarily funded by the industry’s most successful cybersecurity founders.
  • Greylock Partners

    Greylock Partners backs entrepreneurs who are building disruptive, market-transforming consumer and enterprise software companies. We invest in companies that define new markets, including Airbnb, AppDynamics, Cloudera, Docker, Dropbox, Facebook (Nasdaq: FB), LinkedIn (NYSE: LNKD), Medium, Nextdoor, Palo Alto Networks (NYSE: PANW) and Workday (NYSE: WDAY).
  • GTM Capital

    GTM Capital is singularly focused on helping our portfolio companies gain a massive competitive advantage by rapidly accelerating customer traction.
  • Lightspeed Venture Partners

    Lightspeed Ventures is a global VC firm headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices in India, Israel, and China. With over $7 billion under management, Lightspeed invests in both enterprise and consumer tech startups from early-stage to late-stage. With over 300 active startups in the portfolio, Lightspeed has invested in companies like Brocade, Informatica, Nutanix, AppDynamics, Mulesoft, zScaler, etc. Lightspeed has also created a CIO Innovation Advisory Network to connect forward-thinking IT leaders with Silicon Valley.
  • Menlo Ventures

    Menlo Ventures is a venture capital firm that strives to have a positive impact on everything we do. That’s why we support businesses including Betterment, Carta, Roku, Poshmark, Uber, and Warby Parker that are reimagining life and work for the better. Over 43 years, we’ve grown a portfolio that includes more than 70 public companies, over 100 mergers and acquisitions, and $5.5 billion under management. We invest at every stage and in every sector, with expertise in Consumer, Enterprise, and Healthcare. From developing market strategies to creating communities, we provide real impact where entrepreneurs need it most. When we’re in, we’re all in.
  • Sequoia Capital

    Sequoia is a venture firm with a 40+ year track record of partnering with daring entrepreneurs. Founded in 1972, we’ve been early business partners with many of technology’s biggest companies (Apple, Google, Oracle, Cisco, and more) along with many emerging leaders (WhatsApp, Palo Alto Networks, ServiceNow, FireEye, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Airbnb, etc).

Association Partners

  • NPower

    NPower is a high-performing leader in providing pathways to successful tech careers for young adults from underserved communities and veterans across the US and Canada. NPower’s award winning training programs use curriculum informed by senior industry leaders and labor market trends. On average, NPower graduates 80% of enrolled students, places 100% of graduates in paid internships and has over an 80% rate of success for employment or continued education within 6 months of graduation. We address many of the primary barriers that our veteran community confront. Beyond free technical classes, our career training programs provide in-demand certifications within weeks, paid internships, professional networking and mentorship with business leaders, soft skills coaching, connection to social services, job placement assistance, transit assistance and an opportunity for graduates to give back to the program via our professional volunteer network. We provide ongoing career coaching, advanced certifications, and leadership development for our alumni, ensuring that we are developing true pathways for long-term success for our students.
  • SIM Fairfield/Westchester

    The Society for Information Management (SIM) is the premier network for IT leaders, comprised of over 3600 members, including CIOs, prominent academicians, consultants, other senior-level IT leaders, and vendors. SIM is a community of thought leaders who share experiences and rich intellectual capital that is applied for the future direction of IT.

    The Fairfield/Westchester Chapter of SIM is the area’s fastest growing not-for-profit organization of IT leaders. Started in 2000, the Chapter now boasts more than 200 members. Fairfield/Westchester SIM connects the area’s premier IT leaders – for business solution exchange, professional development, and timely education. The Chapter, working closely with SIM International, fosters management education, best practices and sharing IT leaders working in the region. We achieve this through periodic meetings, dinners, conferences and company sponsored visits and tours.

Lunch Partners

  • Benchmark IT

    Where High Tech > Meets High Touch Benchmark IT was established in 2007 by an experienced team of senior recruiters who saw the need for an IT staffing firm dedicated to ethics, precision and personalized service. Benchmark IT has become the highly regarded technology talent resource in the Tri-State area and a trusted partner among Fortune-ranked companies and middle-market, start-up and growth-phase firms. Benchmark IT works with the best and most diverse technology talent in the industry. As a leader in the industry, we take enormous pride in bringing this talent to our clients, always with the highest standards and our trademark high-touch approach.

Reception Partners

  • PKA Technologies, Inc.

    That bar is peak performance, in every area of expertise, in service of solving your infrastructure and complex solution challenges – and helping your business succeed beyond what you imagined.

    Since 1996, we’ve been supplying IT technology services and products to Fortune 500 companies, to organizations in the public sector, and to smaller companies that think big. Which means we have a deep and rich foundation of knowledge from which to build long-term strategic IT solutions suitable for your 24/7 enterprise. Today, we specialize in providing the next generation of network servers, Big Data Solutions, Enterprise storage, Cloud Services, virtualization migration, wireless, hybrid, and handheld technologies that are indispensable to business.

    If that sounds like a lot, it is. But the advantage of a breadth of knowledge and experience is that you can know a solution from all points of contact, and excel as a true integrator.

    In fact, the highest praise we receive from our clients is that we simplify complex solutions.


Rockrimmon Country Club

2949 Long Ridge Road, Stamford, CT 06903

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The CIO Executive Leadership Summit is created for CIOs/IT leaders. It also has strong appeal to leaders interested in better positioning their organizations and themselves for what’s ahead in business and to achieve the greatest benefits through the use of information technology. 

To ensure a high quality environment and to maximize the networking experience, all attendees must be:

  • Employed C-Level executives (non-vendor) or equivalent, CIOs, Direct Reports of CIOs, or Senior Most IT Professional in an organization with $200M or greater revenue, or from not-for-profit or government organizations with comparable size

– OR – 

  • Full time academicians

If you meet the criteria above, there is no fee to attend.

All registration requests will be reviewed and approved based upon above stated criteria.

* Sales/marketing individuals or consultants from non-sponsoring vendor organizations are not permitted.

Special Needs – We fully support the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you require special assistance of any kind, please call us at (203) 243-1674 or email us at

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